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Roger Villanueva


  1. Fighting Dragons
  2. Crazy Dragons (Milpitas, CA)

Black Belts promoted

  1. Don Alves (2nd Degree)
  2. Bill Davis (2nd Degree)
  3. James Torres (Blk Belt)
  4. Paul Madeira (Blk Belt)


    Roger Villanueva started martial arts in 1976.  Taught by Sigi Greg Lagera, the founder of the "Crazy Dragons".

    Roger trained with Tony "Satch" Williams, Percy Titsworth, Tami Welan, Donald "Crazy Legs" Hubman, Willie and Joe Hoke, Fonso and Oscar Tenadora;  competing all over California.

    In 1981, he received his Black Belt in Kajukenbo.  He won First Place and Grand Champion at the Kuksolwon Championship.  Two years later, he received his 1st Degree Black Belt.  That same year he won 1st place and Grand Champion at the United States Top Ten Championships held in Stockton, CA.  Three weeks later, he won 1st place at the United States Nationals in Las Vegas.

    In 1985, he received his 2nd Degree.  He won 1st place and Grand Champion at the Coast to Coast Championship.  That same year, he fought with Jimmy "Jam" Haltier and Woody Sims.  They won the three men black belt teams championships at the United States karate Championship in Reno NV.  Roger also won 1st place at the Bay Area Championship.  He won runner up for competitor of the year in the California Karate League.

    In 1988, he received his 3rd degree.

    In 1990, he received his 4th degree.

    In 1992, he received his 5th degree.  He retired from fighting and kept on teaching.

    In 2001, Roger hooked up with Don Alves and Bill Davis.  That's when they started the Fighting Dragons.  Roger is Master Instructor.  Don Alves is Head Instructor of the Fighting Dragons.

    That same year Roger, Don & Bill won a Modern Hero Award from the county of Monterey, for helping kids out who could not afford to pay for karate.  They taught for grades:  you must maintain a "C" grade average to train.

    In 2002, Roger started fighting again.  He won competitor of the year and placed 3rd in the National Black Belt League.  He his Invitation to the Super Grand in Miami.

    In 2003, Roger again won competitor of the year, and placed in the top five of the National Black Belt League.

    In Dec of 2004, Roger teamed up with Jesse and Emma Torres and Toni Bright.  They opened another karate school.  The school is called "Crazy Dragon's" Milpitas, CA.

    In 2005, Roger started fighting for Underground Martial Arts.  From 1976 to 2005 he has won over one hundred and fifty trophies and awards.  Two Amapa competitor of the year titles and more to come.